Backyard Beekeeping

Date and Price Coming Soon

Join me for this overview class on how to keep bees in your own backyard. You will gain practical knowledge of what a typical year of beekeeping is like in Phoenix, and leave this course with a solid grounding on how to set up and manage your very first hive.


  • Cricket – I am interested in Bee Keepers both in our Phoenix neighborhood and our Payson property.
    Greg Peterson referred you to me.
    I started reading your blogs and podcasts among other info and ‘love it’ !
    Interested in upcoming classes but especially Bee Keepers groups close to my areas, and how to connect with them – asap.
    Appreciate your help very much🙏🐝

    • Hi Carol.
      I’m so happy you are interested in beekeeping! Please join the Arizona Backyard Beekeepers facebook group. It is the best group for information and help. We are all willing to do what we can to support Arizona beekeepers and those who love bees.

      Also check out my website, and

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